To introduce Snickers Crisper without straying from the core Snickers campaign “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Our solution: Hunger keeps inventing new problems. So we invented new Snickers Crisper. The campaign combines two hunger symptoms to create a weird, new hunger symptom. Example symptoms included Confused + Foolish = Confulish. Our brief was to extend the campaign idea to digital platforms where our target consumers spend their time.

We collaborated with Spotify to produce the first completely original musical album by any brand, titled Starving Artists. It’s an album made up of original songs, each done by combining two contrasting genres based on their corresponding emotions.

E.g. Paralleling the music genres Lullaby and Metal with the hunger symptoms Sleepy and Angry to get a “Slangry” song.

All songs were created with this structure, producing very different sounds and emotions.


by Snickers Crisper

Lil Alps


Sleepy Town
Cuddled to Death


Tiny Clown Car Blues
Frowny the Clowny


My Buttons
Ravin’ Annie


For the Love of Bass
Night at the Wompera


Over 1,500 people followed the album on Spotify, outperforming other new playlists one of which hosted music from top Grammy nominees. We also surpassed 30,000 listens. This is especially impressive considering most brands run sponsored playlists with 3rd party songs, while we drove listens via original content.

Furthermore, Snickers Crisper is selling 30% above its goal, and is outselling its closest new product competitor, Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups, by 62%.